Endevica Bio was formed in 2009 by Dr. Kenneth Gruber with the goal of making safer melanocortin drugs with better drug profiles. The company grew and was awarded several patents as well as SBIR grants. The advantage of Endevica Bio’s peptides is they are more stable in plasma, have more predictable pharmacokinetics, and cross the blood brain barrier. The basis for this technological advance was the recognition of an overlapping RFamide-like pharmacophore within the melanocortin pharmacophore (HFRW) that mediated cardiovascular activity.  The development of a synthetic approach to suppress RFamide activity formed the basis for the patent.  Continued advancements led to the discovery of a platform technology for producing drug-like peptides with multiple applications. 

Our Pipeline

TCMCB07 Cachexia Therapeutic 

Our lead compound is a cachexia therapeutic that is currently undergoing IND enabling toxicology studies with and IND anticipated 1st quarter 2022. TCMCB07 has demonstrated efficacy and safety in multiple rodent models as well as in normal dogs and in a canine veterinary trial. It has been manufactured successfully at multiple sites and has a scalable manufacturing process with acceptable COGS estimates. A team of regulatory and scientific consultants are guiding the drug development, including Dr. Marks from Oregon Health and Sciences University and Premier Regulatory Consultants.  

Early-stage drug development  

Sister compounds to TCMCB07 are being optimized for oral administration. These compounds could be used as a next generation cachexia therapeutic, for sarcopenia, or potentially as a therapeutic to help people suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy increase lean muscle mass. 

Oral melanocortin agonist compounds are being developed with a potential application in Type 2 diabetes.  

An ANG05 is an angiotensin (1-7) molecule that has established pharmacokinetic parameters as well as early evidence of safety. It is being tested in a model of pain for potential application for osteosarcoma patients. 

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