The advantage of Endevica Bio's approach over other attempts to develop melanocortins as drugs is that our analogs are free of adverse cardiovascular side effects, and are more drug-like (more stable in plasma, orally active, predictable PK). Previous attempts to develop melanocortin-based drugs failed due to cardiovascular side-effects in both experimental studies and clinical trials. A U.S. patent for the suppression of cardiovascular side-effects in melanocortin-based therapeutics has been issued and related patents are pending.

The basis for this technological advance was the recognition of an overlapping RFamide-like pharmacophore within the melanocortin pharmacophore (HFRW) that mediated cardiovascular activity. The development of a synthetic approach to suppress RFamide activity formed the basis for the patent. Continued advancements led to the discovery (patent-pending) of a platform technology for producing drug-like peptides with multiple applications.

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